Purchase Order Financing for Small Businesses

Growing your business presents both opportunities to seize and challenges to overcome. To confidently take on more and larger accounts, you need the resources to deliver the value, convenience and quality you promise. With Business Capital Services’s purchase order financing, your goods can ship right away. You maintain positive ongoing relationships with your clients and suppliers.

P.O. Financing Basics

Our P.O. financing works through a simple process. We pay your suppliers on your behalf, which allows your finished goods and presold merchandise to ship. In turn, we collect payment directly from your customers. After we deduct our fees, we send you the remaining balances. P.O. financing isn’t a loan, so there’s no long-term debt or equity loss involved. You also receive several useful benefits:

  • Rapid and flexible funding
  • On-time customer deliveries
  • Ability to grow market share

Funding is available to wholesalers, resellers, distributors and producers. Whether you deal in imports, exports or domestic production, our P.O. financing can help your business stay on track and continue growing.

Let Us Help Meet Your Business’s Needs

Purchase order financing is just one of many commercial finance products offered by Business Capital Services. We have many funding solutions available, so contact our certified financial specialists to learn more, get your questions answered or apply for small business financing.