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Does Your Bank Have You Jumping Through Hoops Again?

All kidding aside, it is usually just that you don’t qualify for the type of financing you were trying to secure through the bank.  We have heard time and time again that banks turn down 80% of business borrowers and that statistic is likely correct.  Fortunately, the vast majority of small business owners can find capital solutions with alternative commercial finance products through the IACFB. 

Factoring: The Most Powerful Tool for B2B Small Business

For small B2B business owners in need of cash flow solutions and especially those regarding payroll, factoring is used by tens of thousands of in-the-know entrepreneurs.  It’s ease of access means that even small start ups can team up with a factor who will assist them to grow their business exponentially.  View the informative VIDEO at right and then download our FREE informative booklet:  “When Banks Say NO!…The Small Business Guide to Factoring”.

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Commercial factoring (invoice finance) is one of the world’s most recognized methods of cash flow and working capital solutions for B2B business owners worldwide.  Recognized by Central Banks is an “essential” source of business finance solutions when slow paying customers cause working capital problems, factoring is one of the most popular financing options due to its relatively low cost and ease of access.

Find out more about this powerful small business financing solution by requesting our FREE booklet…”When Banks Say NO!…The Small Business Guide to Factoring”.  Just view our video above and then click the button at left to request your copy.